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5 Head Coaches who won’t last the Season

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Going into week 6 of the NFL season, a number Head Coaches jobs are already on the line. I decided to make a list of the Head Coaches that are most likely to be replaced before the end of the season. So here it goes.

Tony Sparano- Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are 0-4 heading into their game against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. Tony Sparano’s job was already on the line before the season had even started and many had expected the Dolphins to replace Sparano during their bye week. Although that didn’t happen, I still expect Sparano to be replaced at some point this season. With a 25-27 record as Head Coach since taking over the Dolphins in 2008 and an 0-4 start to this season, the Dolphins must replace soon Sparano if they want any chance of salvaging their season.

Jack Del Rio- Jacksonville Jaguars

I don’t quite understand how Jack Del Rio hasn’t been fired yet. Ever since the Jags lost to the New England Patriots in the 2007 Playoffs, the Jags have clearly gone backwards under Del Rio. With an 8-8 record last season and a 1-4 start to this campaign, the Jags must get rid of Del Rio as they look to move forward with Quarterback Blaine Gabbert. It also doesn’t help Del Rio’s case to stay in the job that the Jags stadium attendance has been among the worst in the league over the last few seasons, as it appears Jags fans have lost interest in their team.

Todd Haley- Kansas City Chiefs

A report surfaced today that Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli was set to fire Haley if the team had lost to the Indianapolis Colts in their last game. Although the Chiefs have denied these claims, there is no denying that Todd Haley’s job is under threat. The 2-3 Chiefs have struggled so far this season and it appears as if Haley has lost control over his team. A sideline spat with starting Quarterback Matt Cassel is just one example of how much Haley has lost respect among his players.

Tom Coughlin- New York Giants

The Giants have been to the playoffs just once since their Super Bowl success in the 2007 season. Although the Giants won 10 games last season and are currently 3-2, Coughlin’s time in New York seems to be drawing to a close. If the Giants fail to make the playoffs for the third consecutive time this season, Coughlin knows he will be replaced. But I think Coughlin will be replaced before the season is over. The Giants still have to play games against  five teams playoff teams from last season and once the Giants start losing games, Coughlin will be replaced.

Ken Whisenhunt- Arizona Cardinals

Whisenhunt is another Head Coach whose time in charge seems to be coming to an end. The Cardinals finished in last place in the league’s worst division last season. They haven’t shown any signs of improvement so far this season as they have had a sluggish 1-4 start. The poor play of new Quarterback Kevin Kolb who signed a six-year $65 million contract with the Cardinals has also put Whisenhunt’s job under threat. If the Cardinals aren’t in contention for the NFC West title by week12, look for Whisenhunt to be fired.

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October 14, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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