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Chad Johnson gets cut: Timeline of events and what’s next for #85?

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Chad Johnson Mugshot

It’s certainly been a wild couple of days in the life of Chad Johnson. Last Wednesday, I posted a Press Conference with Chad where he spoke in depth about the upcoming season was and how much he was looking forward to playing with the Dolphins. (

But just five days later, Johnson finds himself searching for a new team after he was cut for the second time in three months. (

Busy Summer

Chad Johnson

After being cut by the New England Patriots on June 7, it didn’t take Johnson long to find a new team. The Miami Dolphins signed him to a one-year deal on June 11th.

On July 24th, he changed his name back to Chad Johnson after going under the name Chad Ochocinco since August 2008. On July 4th, he married reality television star Evelyn Lozada. So after getting a fresh start with the Dolphins, his new marriage and his old name back you would think Chad was set for a big year right? Wrong.

  • Friday

Johnson played in his first preseason game with the Dolphins vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His performance was highly underwhelming with 0 receptions in the game and he was targeted only once.

  • Saturday

One day after this game, he was arrested on a charge of domestic violence. Johnson reportedly headbutted his wife during a heated argument in their car. The argument is reported to have begun over a receipt for a box of condoms.

  • Sunday

He was released yesterday afternoon on $2,500 bond. The Dolphins were reportedly gathering evidence of the incident.

  • Today

The Dolphins decided that it wasn’t worth the risk to keep Chad and made the swift decision to cut him. Head coach Joe Philbin defended the move and also denied that it was a reactive decision to the arrest. (

So what now?

Joe Philbin

Let’s look at what happened last season. As a member of the Patriots, Johnson posted career lows in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. All of this came on a team that featured the best quarterback in football in Tom Brady, as well as the best head coach in the NFL in Bill Belichick. Things couldn’t have went much worse for him in New England.

However, it was looking promising for Johnson and the Dolphins going into this season. With a projected starting wide receiver depth chart of: Davone Bess, Brian Hartline and Legudo Naanee; Johnson looked to be in prime position take over as their number 1 receiver. After an impressive training camp in which Johnson was reportedly showing flashes of returning to his best, everything was set for his revival with the Dolphins.

But after just one preseason game and the first arrest in his 11-year career, Chad won’t get his chance of revival in Miami and will now have to find a new team for 2012.

Possible Teams

Tim Tebow

The Jets are one of the first teams reported to be interested in signing Johnson ( Although the Jets are lacking talent at wide receiver, this move appears highly unlikely as they have enough on their plate already with the Tim Tebow vs Mark Sanchez quarterback controversy that’s going on and don’t need anymore media distractions.

Whilst some have already been quick to debate whether or not Johnson will retire, I am certain he will continue his career and find a new team soon.

My prediction

Jerry Jones

If I had to go on on a limb a predict what team he will be playing for in 2012, I would pick the Dallas Cowboys.

  1. Outside of Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, the Cowboys receivers are highly inexperienced and so signing Chad fills a need at the position.
  2. Dez Bryant has had his fair share of legal trouble lately, ( and so a suspension could be forthcoming for the former Oklahoma State Cowboy.
  3. Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is no stranger to controversy and so would be willing to take a risk on Johnson should he feel as though he could still make an impact.
  4. The Cowboys are playing in the NFC East which is perhaps the toughest division in football and so after struggling to a disappointing 8-8 record last season, they need more weapons if they are to make the Playoffs this season.
  5. Lastly, whether he lands with the Cowboys or not, Johnson will find a new team. In my opinion, Chad can still make an impact in the NFL and just like he said during his press conference on August 1st, “I’m fast as s****!”

Without a team and having been ordered by a judge to stay clear of his wife, he now has only his 3 million twitter followers for comfort. Whatever happens, I wish him the best moving forward. Chad Johnson to the Chargers anyone?

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