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Ranking all 32 Starting Quarterbacks heading into the 2012 Season

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Tom Brady

With the regular season now just a little over a week away from the season opener, I thought I would stir up a bit of controversy by ranking all 32 starting quarterbacks.

Whilst it’s almost impossible for every single NFL fan to agree on who the best quarterbacks in the league are, this is my list…

*Please Note

This has not been officially recognised by the NFL and is my own personal view.

Bottom of the pile

32. Blaine Gabbert- Jacksonville Jaguars

Based off what Gabbert showed in his rookie season, he is surely the worst staring quarterback in the league.

2011 Stats: 2,214 Yards, 12 Tds, 11 Ints and 65.4 RTG.

31. Christian Ponder- Minessota Vikings

Ponder outperformed Gabbert in his rookie year but he is still a poor starting quarterback by NFL standards.

2011 Stats: 1,853 Yards, 13 Tds, 13 Ints and 70.1 RTG.

Rookie uncertainties

30. Ryan Tannehill- Miami Dolphins

Given the Dolphins current receiving corp, Tannehill could be in for a Blaine Gabbert type rookie campaign.

2011 Stats: Rookie

29. Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks

Just like Tannehill, Wilson could also be in for a tough time as a rookie with another poor receiving group.

2011 Stats: Rookie

Risk/Reward Qbs

28. Brandon Weeden- Cleveland Browns

Weeden knows time is against him and so will be hoping to make an early impact in his rookie season.

2011 Stats: Rookie

27. Kevin Kolb- Arizona Cardinals

Kolb had a disappointing first year in Arizona and his health issues remain a concern for Cardinals fans.

2011 Stats: 1,955 Yards, 9 Tds, 8 Ints and 81.1 RTG.

Best days behind them

26. Matt Cassel- Kansas City Chiefs

Cassel could be facing a make or break type year with the Chiefs as his best days look to be long over.

2011 Stats: 1,713Yards, 10 Tds, 9 Ints and 76.6 RTG.

25. Carson Palmer- Oakland Raiders

Palmer looked out of shape last season and doesn’t seem to have the same arm strength that he once had.

2011 Stats: 2,753 Yards, 13 Tds, 16 Ints and 80.5 RTG.

Inconsistent passers

24. Jake Locker- Tennessee Titans

Consistency remains an issue for Locker judging by his college career completion rate of just 53.9%.

2011 Stats: 542 Yards, 4 Tds, 0 Ints and 99.4 RTG.

23. Josh Freeman- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Freeman has already had a staggering 73 turnovers in his short career and he’s highly overrated in my books.

2011 Stats: 3,592 Yards, 16 Tds, 22 Ints and 74.6 RTG.


22. Ryan Fitzpatrick- Buffalo Bills

Sorry Bills fans, but Fitzpatrick isn’t much more than a game-manager in my eyes.

2011 Stats: 3,832 Yards, 24 Tds, 23 Ints and 79.1 RTG.

21. Alex Smith- San Francisco 49ers

Smith will have to show he is capable of playing well in consecutive seasons before he can move up this list.

2011 Stats: 3,144 Yards, 17 Tds, 5 Ints and 90.7 RTG.

Still not playing like franchise QBs

20. Mark Sanchez- New York Jets

With Tim Tebow in town, Sanchez must have a career year if he wants to keep his starting job.

2011 Stats: 3,474 Yards, 26 Tds, 18 Ints and 78.2 RTG.

19. Jay Cutler- Chicago Bears

Cutler is yet to fulfil the potential he once showed during his early seasons with the Broncos.

2011 Stats: 2,319 Yards, 13 Tds, 7 Ints and 85.7 RTG.

Potential franchise Qbs

18. Andy Dalton- Cincinatti Bengals

Dalton had a terrific rookie year and would have got much more headlines if not for a certain Cam Newton.

2011 Stats: 3,398 Yards, 20 Tds, 13 Ints and 80.4 RTG.

17. Sam Bradford- St. Louis Rams

Bradford struggled with injuries last season but he still looks capable of turning into a franchise quarterback.

2011 Stats: 2,164 Yards, 6 Tds, 6 Ints and 70.5 RTG.

Already showing signs of greatness

16. Robert Griffin III- Washington Redskins

16th position seems right for RG3 right now and his talent level should see him move up this list in a hurry.

2011 Stats: Rookie

15. Andrew Luck- Indianapolis Colts

It only seems right that Luck is ranked one place higher than RG3 and he should be in for a big rookie season.

2011 Stats: Rookie

Battle of Texas

14. Matt Schaub- Houston Texans

Schaub missed the Texans playoff run last year after injury and he’ll be looking to bounce back in 2012.

2011 Stats: 2,479 Yards, 15 Tds, 6 Ints and 96.8 RTG.

13. Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys

Romo isn’t a top 10 quarterback, but he is a reliable passer who’ll put up impressive stats.

2011 Stats: 4,184 Yards, 31 Tds, 10 Ints and 102.5 RTG.

Showing why they were 1st overall picks

12. Matthew Stafford- Detroit Lions

Stafford will have to show that last season wasn’t just a fluke before he makes his way into the top 10.

2011 Stats: 5,038 Yards, 41 Tds, 16 Ints and 97.2 RTG.

11. Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers

Just like Stafford, Newton needs to follow up his incredible rookie performance with another solid year.

2011 Stats: 4,051Yards, 21 Tds, 17 Ints and 84.5 RTG.

Must take the next step

10. Joe Flacco- Baltimore Ravens

The buzz around Baltimore is that Flacco needs to step up if he wants a long-term deal with the Ravens.

2011 Stats: 3,610 Yards, 20 Tds, 12 Ints and 80.9 RTG

9. Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons

At some point, Ryan needs to step up and translate his regular season performances into playoff wins.

2011 Stats: 4,177 Yards, 29 Tds, 12 Ints and 92.2 RTG.

Must stay healthy

8. Michael Vick- Philadelphia Eagles

Vick has struggled with injuries throughout his entire career but is still a top 10 quarterback when healthy.

2011 Stats: 3,303 Yards, 18 Tds, 14 Ints and 84.9 RTG.

7. Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

Despite having the same number of Super Bowl rings as Eli Manning, ‘Big Ben’ still isn’t a top 5 quarterback.

2011 Stats: 4,077 Yards, 21 Tds, 14 Ints and 90.1 RTG.

Just misses out on top 5

6. Philip Rivers- San Diego Chargers

Speaking of Super Bowl rings, Rivers needs to get a ring of his own before he can be considered elite.

2011 Stats: 4,624 Yards, 27 Tds, 20 Ints and 88.7 RTG.

Manning brothers

5. Eli Manning-New York Giants

Even after leading his team to another Super Bowl win, Eli is ranked below his big brother Peyton.

2011 Stats: 4,933 Yards, 29 Tds, 16 Ints and 92.9 RTG.

4. Peyton Manning- Denver Broncos

Peyton may be 36 years old, but the four time time MVP is still one of the best in the business.

2011 Stats: Missed last season (Neck Injury)

Recent Super Bowl MVPs

3. Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints

With his new contract, Bress is now set for the toughest season of his career without head coach Sean Payton.

2011 Stats: 5,476 Yards, 46 Tds, 14 Ints and 110.6 RTG.

2. Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

Rodgers may be be the reigning MVP, but he just misses out on my number 1 spot.

2011  Stats: 4,643 Yards, 45 Tds, 6 Ints and 122.5 RTG.

The best quarterback in the NFL is…

1. Tom Brady- New England Patriots

The 3 time Super Bowl Champion is still the best in the business and he’ll be aiming to get back to the Super Bowl once again in 2012.

2011 Stats: 5,235 Yards, 39 Tds, 12 Ints and 105.6 RTG.

So those are my starting quarterbacks rankings. The list wasn’t easy to put together but all the close close calls that had to be made were worth it in the end.

Did Eli not get the respect he deserves? Feel like your team’s quarterback get overrated/underrated?

Be sure to have your say in the comments section.

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August 27, 2012 at 9:49 am

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