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Week 4 Picks- Previews and Predictions

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Ken Whisenhunt

Week 4 kicked off last night with the Baltimore Ravens earning a hard fought 23-16 win over the Cleveland Browns. Regular referees were back in action for the first time this season and this will be the first week that we will see regular officiating crews in charge of all the games.

Looking ahead to some of the biggest games this week and there are plenty of great games to watch on Sunday.

There is an exciting NFC East clash in store in Philadelphia as the 2-1 Giants visit the 2-1 Eagles. Another standout game to watch will be in Green Bay as the struggling New Orleans Saints take on a Packers team off the back of a highly controversial defeat to the Seattle Seahawks.

Those are just some of the games in store this week and there is sure to be plenty a dramatic decrease in blown calls now that the replacement refs are no longer around. Now without further ado, here are my picks for Week 4.

Extra Point

Preview: 1-2 Redskins at 1-2 Buccaneers

Prediction: RG3 will lead his Redskins to victory on the road at Raymond James Stadium

Pick: Redskins Win

Preview: 1-2 Raiders at 1-2 Broncos

Prediction: Peyton Manning has struggled recently but will bounce to get a win in this one

Pick: Broncos Win

Preview: 2-1 Seahawks at 1-2 Rams

Prediction: If there is any justice in the NFL, the Seahawks will lose this game

Pick: Rams Win

Field Goal

Preview: 1-2 Panthers at 3-0 Falcons

Prediction: After last week’s let down, It’s going to take me awhile before I can go for another Panthers upset

Pick: Falcons Win

Preview: 1-2 Patriots at 2-1 Bills

Prediction: The Bills may have a better record right now but the two teams should be tied after this encounter

Pick: Patriots Win

Preview: 2-1 Vikings at 1-2 Lions

Prediction: Matt Stafford’s health is a concern but I’m still going to go for a Lions win

Pick: Lions Win

Preview: 1-2 Titans at 3-0 Texans

Prediction: The Texans could be three games ahead of their nearest AFC South rivals after this game

Pick: Texans Win

Preview: 2-1 Chargers at 1-2 Chiefs

Prediction: Week 3 was disappointing but I see the Chargers bouncing back in this one

Pick: Chargers Win

Preview: 1-2 Dolphins at 3-0 Cardinals

Prediction: The Dolphins will continue their early struggles on the road in Arizona

Pick: Cardinals Win

Preview: 2-1 Bengals at 1-2 Jaguars

Prediction: Andy Dalton is yet to have a quarterback sophomore slump and I see that continuing vs the Jags

Pick: Bengals Win


Preview: 2-1 49ers at 2-1 Jets

Prediction: Patrick Willis and co. will show Mark Sanchez what a top five NFL defense looks like

Pick: 49ers Win

Preview: 0-3 Saints at 1-2 Packers

Prediction: My pick of the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC South is looking less likely by the week

Pick: Packers Win

Preview: 2-1 Giants at 2-1 Eagles

Prediction: The Eagles offense has struggled so far this year and that will continue against the Giants

Pick: Giants Win

Monday Night Football

Demarcus Ware

I’ll be posting a full preview of this week’s encounter between the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys on Monday.

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