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Week 8 Picks- Previews and Predictions

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Lovie Smith

Week 8 kicked off last night with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pulling off a 36-17 upset win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Looking ahead to some of the standout games in Week 8 now and there is some great action in store for fans on Sunday.

The NFL comes back to London as the New England Patriots meet the St.Louis Rams at Wembley Stadium in sixth annual the International Series Game. Another must see game takes place in Dallas as the Cowboys take on the New York Giants in a crucial NFC East encounter.

Those are just some of the standout games to see this week as the season moves toward the half-way stage.

So without further ado, here are my picks for Week 8.

Extra Point

Preview: 2-3 Raiders at 1-6 Chiefs

Prediction: Both teams have struggled this year and the losing streak continues for the Chiefs

Pick: Raiders Win

Preview: 3-3 Dolphins at 3-4 Jets

Prediction: The Jets still have Playoff ambitions for this season and they get the win at home

Pick: Jets Win

Preview: 1-5 Jaguars at 4-3 Packers

Prediction: This one has all the makings of a blowout victory for the Packers at Lambeau

Pick: Packers Win

Field Goal

Preview: 1-5 Panthers at 5-1 Bears

Prediction: The Panthers may be regretting their Super Bowl guarantees now and the Bears will move to 7-1

Pick: Bears Win

Preview: 3-3 Chargers at 1-6 Browns

Prediction: The Chargers will be fresh off their bye week and will have enough to get past the Browns

Pick: Chargers Win

Preview: 4-3 Seahawks at 2-4 Lions

Prediction: The Seahawks may be a team on the rise but its Megatron and the Lions who get the win

Pick: Lions Win

Preview: 3-4 Redskins at 3-3 Steelers

Prediction: RG3 faces a tough test in Pittsburgh this week and is no match for the Steelers defense

Pick: Steelers Win

Preview: 3-3 Colts at 3-4 Titans

Prediction: Andrew Luck and the Colts have a slight edge going into Tennessee

Pick: Colts Win

Preview: 2-4 Saints at 3-3 Broncos

Prediction: For the first time this campaign, the Saints will win back-to-back games

Pick: Saints Win


Preview: 4-3 Patriots at 3-4 Rams

Prediction: The Patriots continue their Wembley winning streak with a comfortable win

Pick: Patriots Win

Preview: 5-2 Giants at 3-3 Cowboys

Prediction: The Cowboys upset the Giants in Week 1 and they’ll do the same at home in Dallas

Pick: Cowboys Win

Preview: 6-0 Falcons at 3-3 Eagles

Prediction: Michael Vick will stick in to his old team and end the Falcons undefeated streak

Pick: Eagles Win

Monday Night Football

Alex Smith (11) and Russell Wilson (3)

This week’s Monday night features a rematch of the Week 7 NFC West clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

I’ll be posting a full preview of that game on Monday.

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October 26, 2012 at 9:06 am

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