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Week 9 Scores- Early Games

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Matthew Stafford

This weeks early games have just finished and so here are the scores:

Denver Broncos 31 Cincinnati Bengals 23

Baltimore Ravens 25 Cleveland Browns 15

Arizona Cardinals 17 Green Bay Packers 31

Houston Texans 21 Buffalo Bills 9

Miami Dolphins 20 Indianapolis Colts 23

Detroit Lions 31 Jacksonville Jaguars 14

Chicago Bears 51 Tennessee Titans 20

Carolina Panthers 21 Washington Redskins 13

Remember that these final scores are just from the early games with the late games still to come.

One of the standout late games to watch is at MetLife Stadium as the 4-3 Pittsburgh Steelers take on the 6-2 New York Giants and that game is live right now on Sky Sports 2.

Highlights from all tonight’s games are available to watch here:

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