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Week 11 Picks- Previews and Predictions

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Norv Turner

Week 11 kicked off last night the Buffalo Bills getting a much needed victory with a 19-14 win over the Miami Dolphins.

Looking ahead to some of the standout games in Week 11 now and there is some fantastic action to watch on Sunday.

There is a great NFC North clash in Detroit as Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers take on the Lions. There is another exciting matchup in store in New England as the Indianapolis Colts take on Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Those are just two of the standout games to see this week with plenty more action on show.

Now without further ado, here are my picks for Week 11.

Extra Point

Preview: 5-4 Bucs at 2-7 Panthers

Prediction: Cam Newton gets the edge over Josh Freeman in this one

Pick: Panthers Win

Preview: 4-5 Bengals at 1-7 Chiefs

Prediction: The Bengals get back to .500 on the road against the disappointing Chiefs

Pick: Bengals Win

Preview: 3-6 Jets at 3-5-1 Rams

Prediction: Sam Bradford and the Rams will go one better this week and upgrade their tie to a win

Pick: Rams Win

Field Goal

Preview: 3-6 Eagles at 3-6 Redskins

Prediction: Something tells me the Eagles will finally pull off a bounce back victory

Pick: Eagles Win

Preview: 1-8 Jaguars at 8-1 Texans

Prediction: The Texans shouldn’t have any problems at home

Pick: Texans Win

Preview: 2-7 Browns at 4-5 Cowboys

Prediction: Tony Romo needs to keep the Cowboys winning streak going in their own backyard

Pick: Cowboys Win

Preview: 4-5 Cardinals at 8-1 Falcons

Prediction: Don’t get carried away with the Falcons losing streak just yet

Pick: Falcons Win

Preview: 4-5 Saints at 3-6 Raiders

Prediction: This will be a complete mismatch of styles that gives Oakland the advantage

Pick: Raiders Win

Preview: 6-3 Colts at 6-3 Patriots

Prediction: Tom Brady will show Rookie of the Year candidate Andrew Luck what an elite quarterback looks like

Pick: Patriots Win


Preview: 6-3 Packers at 4-5 Lions

Prediction: The Lions fall even further behind in the NFC North after this one

Pick: Packers Win

Preview: 4-5 Chargers at 6-3 Broncos

Prediction: This game shouldn’t even be close given how poor the Chargers have been playing lately

Pick: Broncos Win

Preview: 7-2 Ravens at 5-3 Steelers

Prediction: Look for Joe Flacco and the Ravens to pull off a statement win in Pittsburgh

Pick: Ravens Win

Brandon Marshall

This week’s Monday night game sees the 7-2 Chicago Bears travel to San Francisco to take on the 6-2-1 49ers.

I’ll be posting a full preview of that game on Monday.

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November 16, 2012 at 9:06 am

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