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NFC Playoff Picture- Final Standings

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Matt Ryan

The Regular Season finished last night and the Playoff picture is now complete.

Some of the standout teams missing out on the Postseason from the NFC this year are the defending Super Bowl champions New York Giants who finished with a disappointing 9-7 record 8-8 and their division rivals the Philadelphia Eagles who underachieved yet again this season.

Looking on the other side at some of the top teams now and the Atlanta Falcons secured the top seed with the San Francisco 49ers getting the number 2 seed.

The Playoffs kick off on Saturday night with the first of the two wildcard games.

So here are the final standings from the NFC.


1. Redskins 10-6

2. Giants 9-7

3. Cowboys 8-8

4. Eagles 4-12


1. Packers 11-5

2. Vikings 10-6

3. Bears 10-6

4. Lions 4-12


1. Falcons 13-3

2. Panthers 7-9

3. Saints 7-9

4. Bucs 7-9


1. 49ers 11-4-1

2. Seahawks 11-5

3. Rams 7-8-1

4. Cardinals 5-11

Playoff Seeds

1. Atlanta Falcons First-Round Bye

2. San Francisco 49ers First-Round Bye

3. Green Bay Packers Division Winner

4. Washington Redskins Division Winner

5. Seattle Seahawks Wildcard

6. Minnesota Vikings Wildcard

The first two seeds get a first-round bye, and the wildcard games see the number 3 seed vs  the number 6 seed and the number 4 vs the number 5 seed.

Minnesotta Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III

A full preview of both these games will be posted later this week.

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December 31, 2012 at 11:04 am

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